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No Wonder We Have No Friends, Album Hip-Hop Segar dari Envy

Posted on: 08/16/19 at 4:54 pm

Dirilis melalui Pesona Experience, kolektif hip-hop Envy rilis debut album mereka

Kolektif hip-hop segar beranggotakan sederet rapper seperti Hazy Dael, Fat B, Anima, Quest, Isiah, serta produser Maliboo, dan sound enginner Don O’Deelio ini terbentuk di awal tahun 2018. Envy sendiri merupakan singkatan dari “Expect Nothing, Valid Yesterday” dan baru saja melepas debut album mereka, No Wonder We Have No Friends pada 10 Agustus 2019 lalu melalui Pesona Experience.

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After a year in the making, we have finally done it. “NO WONDER WE HAVE NO FRIENDS” is finally published for all of you beautiful people to listen. it has been a mad journey for us, as a group to have gone this far and finally make the album that once was only an idea. This Album is basically about living outside the box as outcasts and weirdos in such a closed minded society. a solid example being the song “BRONCCO” where as musicians we should be viewed more respectably. Hence the hook goes, “fuck a 9 to 5, this shit is do or die”. The song “SUNDAY SERVICE” is addressed to the issue about mental illness and insecurities as we try our best to reach out to people with anxiety and depression to let them know that they are not alone. We would also like to give a massive shout out to @preachja who’ve been a big bro figure for us in the industry and have been there for us since the beginning. seriously, we cant thank you enough. and lets not forget to mention @ape.ethic for directing all our music videos so far, we’ll say it again. you’re a fucking genius. Honorable mentions go to, @sherdysher for helping us out with the photoshoots and for the album cover. we cant thank you enough. And last but certainly not least, is we would love to give a massive shoutout to @pesonaexperience for making all of this possible. we really couldnt have made this all happen without u guys. OH, and thanks @ryandaniadipurbo for the studio, ur the best hehe💛. without further or do, we wont talk anymore shit coz the guy that wrote this doesnt have much shit to say anymore so, GO STREAM “NO WONDER WE HAVE NO FRIENDS” OUT NOW IN EVERY STREAMING PLATFORM AVAILABLE.

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Berisi 12 track baru, album No Wonder We Have No Friends meracik warna old school dan new wave hip-hop. Mereka juga sempat menggelar listening party album terbaru mereka di Three Buns, Senopati, Jakarta pada 9 Agustus lalu.

Sebelum melepas No Wonder We Have No Friends, Envy telah melepas beberapa karya lain seperti EP WHOCARES? Dan single lepasan “DEARMOM” yang dirilis oleh PreachJa akhir tahun lalu.

Simak album No Wonder We Have No Friends dari Envy di bawah ini.

Keterangan Foto Utama: ENVY (kredit foto: rilis press)

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